Poultry couriers

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Poultry couriers

Post by mattie2012 » 15 Oct 2012, 20:58

How many people use or have found themselves having cause to use poultry couriers? How much do these companies Charge?

I know...I know so many questions!

Anyway after much deliberation I'm thinking about starting a poultry courier service for Wales and the west midlands. I really enjoy driving, meeting people...especially poultry people and I haven't got much to do apart from ferry the kids too and from school. I miss working but the state of affairs here in Wales at the moment workwise is bad!

When my son was four back in 2001 I was made redundant, two days later My wife and I were informed that the muscle tone deficiency the NHS had told us our son had got was infact Cerebral Palsy and he also had a bowel problem. To cut the story short, I haven't worked since. I have my pride and because I didn't get qualifications that amounted to much I can't do a lot. Like i said I love driving and I'm fed up with kidding myself that rearing chickens will one day pay the bills, so there you go.

I'm thinking of just trying this out to start with, maybe a couple of days a month to see how we get on. My plan is that if i travel to north wales...pick birds up and take them to south wales or west midlands then maybe there would be enough customers that the fuel could be split and my time too!

This is just a pipe dream so far, I'm sure you get the jist though.

What down sides can people see....come on, don't hold back I need to see the downsides and the good points and weigh things up! :help: ](*,) :-k

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: Poultry couriers

Post by brooksidepoultry » 17 Oct 2012, 18:10

I'd defo be interested in using it if you started it, I would say things to consider are insurance in case say birds got injured or died in transport & working out your costs & how many people would use it regularly. x
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Re: Poultry couriers

Post by ladyplumber » 17 Oct 2012, 21:07

I think you'll need a NPTC Transport of Animals Certificate of Competence too.

Good luck with the new venture though


Re: Poultry couriers

Post by chuck1 » 17 Oct 2012, 22:32

It works OK as long as the customers are easy going about dates and times of pick up's so they can be fitted in at the same time. Most customers will not wan to pay full whack for a run just for them but would pay for a shared service.

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Re: Poultry couriers

Post by Caringkeeper » 17 Oct 2012, 23:02

I have no experience, but some suggestions come to mind.

1. Consider developing sterilisation procedures to ensure the poultry you transport doesn't impact upon your own flock.
2. Have a website created, I could suggest someone to you if you don't know anyone.
3. Create a list of contacts, that you could use to offer some work to in case you get too many bookings, so you don't have to let people down.
4. Consider starting to offer your service within a set area to cut down costs.
5. Take advantage of offers on websites such as Vista Print to get some cheap business cards and leave them with customers, friends, etc
6. Create a brand, and have your vehicle branded, create letter heads for invoices, thank you notes, etc

Good luck
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Re: Poultry couriers

Post by mattie2012 » 17 Oct 2012, 23:43

Thanks everyone,

Chuck1, That's what I was thinking. Maybe if I advertised on my website what dates I was in which areas people could wait a few days for the date to come round...especially if it was going to be cheaper due to shared trips/costs?

I can imagine as always the insurance would cripple the small bussiness.

Caringkeeper, some really good stuff you've given me to think about. My brother-in-law designs websites, so I'll be ok on that account but thanks all the same.

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