Useful sites: medication, etc

Here is the section to ask for help and advice on poultry health matters. You should remember that we and our members may not be qualified to diagnose problems with your animals or to prescribe medications. If you are at all worried you should consult a vet. Any advice is just what each member has found to have worked in their own situation and does not constitute a diagnosis from a member of The Poultry Keeper Forums.

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Useful sites: medication, etc

Postby jaydee67 » 01 Feb 2007, 21:12

I realised too late that by copying and pasting I was deleting the name of the original poster of the 'useful links', this was unintentional - a duh! moment. Thanks to all who have researched the links and shared them with us - I hope you will continue to do so.

Poultry Shield, diatom, etc

Flubenvet: ... ry_18.html

Citridical: info ... .asp?id=19 to buy ... ?Refld=200 to buy

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): info to buy

Natural Health Remedies: ... tegoryId=5
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Postby milkmaid » 29 May 2008, 19:31

i've just got a link off deb ,which i've brought something off of
the post arrived next day to the isle of lewis which was impressive ordered at 4 pm
they seem to do acv fairly cheaply and seaweed
mainly herbal and homeopathic
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Postby CP » 17 Aug 2008, 18:24

Interhatch do several vaccines. If anyone is wanting some then you will need to phone as they don't have a website.
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Postby Stujan » 02 Sep 2008, 20:18

Excellent for medicines and powders etc

Good prices most are post free
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Re: Useful sites: medication, etc

Postby gold cockerel » 24 Jul 2009, 01:01

bit of a plug i know but this book contains most ailments, diseases and treatments
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Re: Useful sites: medication, etc

Postby kated » 03 Sep 2010, 16:50

Don't know if this is the right place for this but Marriage's now produces Layers Pellets with Flubenvet already in it. Available in 20kg bags enough to treat 20 average sized birds for a week.

There's no mention on the website as far as I can see - I just included it for folks to enquire for themselves
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Re: Useful sites: medication, etc

Postby ellisonpoultry » 07 Nov 2010, 14:33


For a wide range of health related products including cider vinegar, probiotics, wormer, tonics and spices etc
visit We are a family run company who specialise in health, care and hygeine products for hens.

Thanks Steven
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Re: Useful sites: medication, etc

Postby crisy&birds » 27 Feb 2013, 23:36

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