Dilution of coxoid in drinking water

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Dilution of coxoid in drinking water

Postby morris » 07 Aug 2015, 17:09

Hi guys need some help doing the maths to treat my 9 week old chicks who have coccidiosis'

Their drinker holds 50 fluid ounces of water, I cant work out the dilution rate and don't want to overdose as instructions on bottle said 26ml per 4.5 lt ( 1fluid ounce per gallon). What's the dilution rate for my drinker , any one knows ? :-k

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Re: Dilution of coxoid in drinking water

Postby Fast Farmer » 08 Aug 2015, 01:27

Hi, dont beat yourself up with mathematics of pharmacy jargon. Never mind the size of the drinker, just make up a litre at a time.....and keep the drinker topped up from the remainder. Just put 6.5 ml of Coxoid into just over 1 litre of water.........if your chicks are not getting through the 1 litre solution in a day or so then half the amount your mixing, if you still have too much spare half the mix again. Ideally you dont want mixed solution sitting around too long or it will lose strength.

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