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Posted: 05 Dec 2016, 14:38
by CP
F*cking rats took 2 of our girls last week so we upped the bait stations & other places with rat poison. Found the hole where they got in the coop & blocked it as best we could.
But last night, they came again. Killed our beloved 1st-hatched 16 year old bantam Matilda. :cry:

So, the war is on! Bought one of these today - Home Guard Electronic Rat Killer 7000 Volt 3 Plate Stainless Steel Trap / Pest Control Device
And some more rat poison.
Too late for my beautiful Matilda but they will pay for that as soon as this arrives! :angryfire: :evil2:

RIP Matilda. :cry: (pic of her in her prime, several years ago)


Posted: 05 Dec 2016, 17:30
by kated
So sorry CP - know how it feels. Had mine taken from inside their house too. Old English Game bantams killed and half eaten :crybaby: :crybaby:

Your link needs attention - we can choose between trainers and toys amongst other things - not what you mean I'm sure!


Posted: 06 Dec 2016, 11:37
by CP
Thanks kated. :cry:

Don't know why the link keeps changing? It works fine on Facebook but won't display the product on here??? Anyway, it's supposed to zap them with 7000 volts of electricity & kill them immediately. Here's hoping it works! ;)


Posted: 07 Dec 2016, 12:51
by organic chick