Electric fence setup advice

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Electric fence setup advice

Post by SimonH » 29 Jul 2013, 12:26

So, the neighbourhood gingers proved prior to christmas that poultry is the meal du jour. Unfortunately, since then our two remaining ladies have had to stay locked up under wire as a result. Which I don't like at all.

We already have electric netting, but the energizer was knackered, so I've bought a new mains powered one. However, to be honest it's a bit of a pain and I'd much rather set up a more permanent affair.
So, I'm thinking of using chicken wire to keep the birds in, and two/three trace wires around the outer perimiter to keep marauders out. One at about 6", and one at about 2ft. Plan was to support the chicken wire on round posts.

Sound like a good idea?
If so, a few questions:
1: what sort of height do I need to run the chicken wire to? it's for containment, rather than protection, and we favour fat useless fliers with clipped wings. I'm thinking a 4ft fence should do it?
2: With that in mind, 1.5m stakes ok?
3: Should I probably run another trace wire at the top, as well as an additional earth wire, 'just in case'?
4: How far apart should I space the posts?

I know that a ginger beast can jump a 4ft fence, but it's my understanding that by baconizing the trace wires, they'll learn to stay away...

Enclosure will be roughly 30mx10m. One side will be a 6'6" feather edge board fence - I plan to run an earth and hot wire across the top of this.

Cheers :)

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