WTH is this thumb-size foetus I found by the eggs?!?

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WTH is this thumb-size foetus I found by the eggs?!?

Post by lardconcepts » 13 Jul 2013, 00:13

While nest boxes are temporarily out of action for improvement and tweaking, the hens are happy to lay in a quiet corner for chicken shed.

This morning, I found this thing that looked very much like a bit of rubber by the eggs. I picked it up without thinking before realising it was slightly moist.

It is almost the size and shape of an adult human thumb. I'd never seen anything like it, so, being inquisitive, I dissected it - see attachment.
I haven't placed it inline as the squeamish might not want to click - click "show spoiler" to see pic.

It had no bones, no other form than this tubular shape. I've never bred chickens but it seemed nothing like a chick - no sign of feather roots or any bone structure.
It did smell slightly of ham. (And no, I didn't eat it! Perrrrlease!) In fact, I was slightly grossed and weirded out - I've kept chickens on and off for years, albeit never with a cockerel in the flock, but never seen anything like this.

The only thing I can think of is that we have terrible squirrel trouble - they kill a lot of birds, cause endless havoc, eat through the plastic chicken food bin,chew gas pipes, destroy trees etc.
But again, I cannot think what this could be. And why it was right by the eggs. (No cats in the vicinity - just badgers).

All 4 chickens seem to be alive and healthy - is it something weird and ectopic that grew inside a chicken?

I have to admit, I'm baffled! Any ideas?
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Re: WTH is this thumb-size foetus I found by the eggs?!?

Post by crazypianolady » 13 Jul 2013, 07:30

It's almost certainly part of the reproductive tract from one of your girls. ('Lash') Just one of those many things 'chickens sometimes do' and as long as they're all behaving normally, don't worry about it.


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Chris Kurzfeld
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Re: WTH is this thumb-size foetus I found by the eggs?!?

Post by Chris Kurzfeld » 13 Jul 2013, 09:47

Definitely a lash - don't usually see them as the chooks usually eat them YUK :puke:

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Re: WTH is this thumb-size foetus I found by the eggs?!?

Post by lardconcepts » 14 Jul 2013, 16:30

Ahhhhh! Right, OK, now I have the right term (thanks both!) I found loads of hits from Google, all with various other people with almost the identical experience to me.

Sounds like it's a fairly rare thing to happen - as I said, I've never seen it before or even heard of it. And lots of people saying they've never seen it mentioned in any chicken books either.

Oh well, mystery solved, all chickens still alive so... thanks for clearing that up!

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