Moving hens to new coop?

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Moving hens to new coop?

Postby laallee » 13 Sep 2015, 09:33

Hi, and thank you for any tips.
I currently have 7 hens split between two coops. My plan is to move them into the one coop (big enough for 15 hens)
The birds are all matey and the new coop will be located in the same area they are accustomed to. The area is relatively secure but impossible to keep the hens permanently secured as hey just fly out over the 6 ft high fence.
Any tips on the least stressful method of rehousing are appreciated.
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Re: Moving hens to new coop?

Postby Henwife » 13 Sep 2015, 21:14

Move them all into the big coop after they have settled in their usual coops for the night. Remove the small coops. They'll be a bit puzzled the following night, but once they realise there is only one place to settle at night, they should go there. If you think this might fail, and the new coop has sufficient light, put food and water in there and confine them for 24 hours.
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