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Galvanised drinkers

Posted: 07 Feb 2015, 13:35
by organic chick
Ok, so our gravity feed 30L drinker will be due for a good fettle soon. What's the best thing to clean it with please bearing in mind you cannot actually get right inside it.

Re: Galvanised drinkers

Posted: 07 Feb 2015, 14:57
by Hen-Gen
I've always used Virkon which is a broad spectrum disinfectant used in the agricultural industry. You can get it from Amazon.

Re: Galvanised drinkers

Posted: 08 Feb 2017, 07:42
by virginialuther12
Virkon is a multi-purpose disinfectant. It contains oxone , sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, sulfamic acid, and inorganic buffers. It is usually used for cleaning up hazardous spills, disinfecting surfaces and soaking equipment.