GM poultry feed in Germany

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GM poultry feed in Germany

Postby soufle » 03 Sep 2014, 09:43

Ive been slated on this forum in the past by daring to raise the subject of GM poultry feed . At last one country has drawn the line and knows where it is going , will the UK wake up soon.? ... n-gmo-feed

Flak jacket and helmet ready , ducking below barricades ....NOW.

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Re: GM poultry feed in Germany

Postby wolfpup » 16 Dec 2014, 14:50

I am totally against GMO - and also feed my girls either GMO free or organic. At the end of the day we eat what they produce - and if we are putting GMO feed into them - then we will also be eating GMO eggs. Good on the Germans for this - only wish our Government had the same cojones. The only 'safety' assurances available are those provided by the manufacturers of the GMOs themselves.

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