Question about worming

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Re: Question about worming

Post by Juju » 23 Nov 2010, 09:56

Lindsay, how odd - I see 08.58 on my first post! I'll copy your method of just giving them pellets for a week (with CP's oil tip), I want to make sure they're properly treated as I have never wormed them before (though I have given them Vermex).

Excellent idea, CP!


Re: Question about worming

Post by Magpie » 23 Nov 2010, 21:18

If you are using Flubenvet 240g the dose is 1/4 teaspoon to 1kg of feed. It doesn't matter what you are feeding; mash, pellets or grains. I put the feed into one of those big flexible buckets and pour a slug of cod liver oil (the equine stuff is cheaper) and swirl the feed around till it is evenly coated with a light coating of oil, add more if need be. Then sprinkle the appropriate amount of flubenvet (I mix 4kg of feed per day, so one teaspoon of powder) over the top and swirl it about again thoroughly until you are happy that it is evenly mixed. If you don't need the whole batch that day pop it into an airtight container and it should be okay for up to a week. Don't worry about whether the birds are getting enough if they free-range, the dose takes this into account.

The 60g packs are a lot more expensive and the dose is different.


Re: Question about worming

Post by Juju » 23 Nov 2010, 21:40

Thanks, Magpie - I did something similar today. I have the 60g tub, might get the bigger one next time.

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