bad weather - cats everywhere

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bad weather - cats everywhere

Post by debcat » 02 Dec 2012, 01:34

now I have a lot of cats, all with individual personalities, all are neutered, wormed etc
they are free to come and go as they please and some like to wander, but they turn up at regular intervals
in the last 10 days 3 have moved back in
2 of those I haven't seen for at home for 8 - 10 months, but had seen on the moors and I didn't think they would turn up again.
the pecking order has taken a right battering, but they are showing no signs of wanting to go back outside.
I'm guessing that once the weathers better they'll go wandering again
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Re: bad weather - cats everywhere

Post by Moriarty » 02 Dec 2012, 09:25

I have four 'garden cats' who pretty much live on the front step or the barn but who come inside occasionally for a brush and some treats. But I have been filling their biscuit bowl at night, heaped it up, and in the morning it's gone, though the cats are still hungry. I suspect that I am feeding at least four more (have seen other cats disappearing into the distance!) as we're the only house around here. Well done on neutering and worming them and taking care of them, Debcat.
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Re: bad weather - cats everywhere

Post by richardhomer » 14 Mar 2013, 09:12

We have two Cat's
Brother and Sister.

Every since the hard cold weather has started its been a right battle to get them to go out.
Our Boy Cat has now started to go back outside. But he spent six weeks in the house without going out once.! That's very unlike him, We have 5 year old twin girls. And he dose not like them or the noise they make. He normally will not even stop In the same room as them. But over this time, He has put up with them well., And has now even started to let them touch him! Hes never done this before, So the cold weather this years has helped him at last to become friends with the twins.

Our Girl cat is still being funny about going out. Some days she will pop out for a short while. But most days shes happy to stop in the house.

All this will change come to better weather. They both love going out After breakfast and then come home at night for there dinner. Sometimes they stop In the night other times they go out and come back In the morning for breakfast,

That's the thing with cats ,
You don't really own them, They own you!

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Re: bad weather - cats everywhere

Post by milkmaid » 17 Apr 2013, 17:13

mine are starting to go out to do the stock round ,they are normally allowed out side ,but they come back in when we come in ,
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Re: bad weather - cats everywhere

Post by iwilson » 17 Apr 2013, 20:52

both our cats are rescues, the older one is mainly an indoor cat, but since the weather has got nicer he is venturing onto the doorstep .... now our naughty kitten is a different story LOL ... we couldn't find him on Sunday, and as he normally keeps bobing in and out to fill his belly on the dog's kibble we got a bit concerned.... lots and lots of calling later we found him 20ft stuck up a tree on the other side of the brook .... no ladder tall enough ... and he was crying so much bless him .... just as we were begining to be tempted by the chainsaw in the workshop our middle son decided he would climb up the branches the last 10ft to get him .... bless that naughty kitten (not LOL)

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