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chicken sanctuary animal rescue centre

Postby chicken steve » 18 Nov 2012, 00:05

wow another year nearly gone but whats around the corner we do not know recent changes by goverment means people who have animal are now finding it hard to cope with rising cost of feed and people like us are picking up the peices rehoming vast amount of animals what people through no fault of ther own find a situation wher e they cannot cope with cost of feeding animals and then turn to people like us to rehome them which we do with no cwalms about it but then it becomes hard for people like us to take over animals welfare but then it comes down to catch 22 we are non profit org 100% animal welfare with no donations funds coming in to help :crybaby: but like always we carry on regardless :-({|= =D> :grin: of cost we find it from somewher =D> #-o :cheers: after all its animals come first us a mer second :cheers: :-({|= so if any body wants to donate to people like us do it becauese it all helps the animals every peny counts when funds are low amnd over run with rescued animals we rescued 48 chickens last wk how many next week we wil not rehome now before new year our own choise for animal welfare so the world carrys on no funding no grants only our own money were on most web sites so ive been ranting on must go now may hav calls awiting us :wave: :NW
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Re: chicken sanctuary animal rescue centre

Postby umairfsd » 26 Mar 2014, 07:12

Personally, I still believe in the 4 square feet per bird rule for coops...even if they are out all day. Your 4' x 8' would be ideal for your 6 overwinter birds, but would be too crowded for 20. Over crowded birds are more likely to have health problems, and often resort to aggressive behaviors and cannibalism
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