Old English Game

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Dutch Bantam Cockerel
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Old English Game

Post by stephen » 30 Sep 2005, 17:28

This thread is for Old English Game


old english game

Post by Ash » 30 Sep 2005, 19:55

thanks for the new section for old English game ,if any one out there has any old English game i'd be interested in talking to them as i am just starting to breed a few standard oeg's for my self.look forward too hearing from you all!

Attila The Hen

Re: old english game

Post by Attila The Hen » 03 Oct 2005, 12:38

Ash wrote:thanks for the new section for old English game ,if any one out there has any old English game i'd be interested in talking to them as i am just starting to breed a few standard oeg's for my self.look forward too hearing from you all!
Hi Ash,

I have Wheaten OEG birds; they are extremely feisty hens, and dominate the rest of my flocks. Noticeably 'wilder' than the other breeds, and have a tendency to make secret nests in the undergrowth when they go broody, which none of my other breeds do.

Very long-lived, and productive egg-wise into old age; or at least, mine are. Not sure if this is a breed characteristic.




Old English Male

Post by Bernie » 19 Oct 2005, 19:03

Is there anybody out there in Lincs England who has an Old English Game Male i could buy please. I have 4 Females and would like to breed them and go into showing. I have joined the old english game club and left messages there so hoping the more i post the more response i may get.
thanks in advance


Post by Ashley » 26 Oct 2005, 22:42

Hiya Ash ,
I keep OEG , i have 6 hens and 1 cock bird , i havent as of yet bred from them as i got them later in the season .




Post by bullet » 20 Dec 2005, 20:36

hi I'm new to keeping chicken we have four bantams at the moment but i will be getting some wheaten or some red blacks if that's right. after going to a place to have a look at some he had loads of oeg's from wheaten, bronze backs, duck wings and red blacks all i think had been from prize wining birds. there must of been about 100 different types there in clueding wyanedotts I'll be spending my wages there soon :lol: i think the place was called pf poultry. cheers bullet


Post by fenwoman » 21 Dec 2005, 14:00

I keep oeg bantams. I have red pyle, partridge and splash. Contrary to what others have said I find them to be friendly little birds. One of my cockerels happily runs around the bantam paddock and takes no notice of the little belgian/dutch cockerel who lives loose.
This year I sold several as pets for children and have had reports of one of the children even being found asleep on the sofa with the little game cock alseep beside her.
I love my little oeg and considering I have always said I never wanted game birds, I am now well and truly hooked on them and my modern games.


Post by fenwoman » 12 May 2006, 22:13

Here we are, a photo of my lovely little old English game bantam rumpless.


Post by traditionalbritishfowlco » 29 May 2006, 20:01

my mum got a couple of these and at first I was a bit iffy about them, their shape was a bit weird to me so i wasn't all that impressed. As soon as they were out of the ark and into a run however i saw them in a completely new light! They really came out of their shells and the cockerel looked amazing strutting about! They are really friendly things too so I've hatched a couple myself! (there'll be weekly pics and weights on my site soon) I'm a total convert. Mum's hens seem to be productive too as a bonus! yay OEG....


Post by Clucky » 18 Mar 2007, 15:38

Question: what is the difference between the Carlisle and the Oxford :D


Post by traditionalbritishfowlco » 18 Mar 2007, 16:53

well as far as i understand it the oxford retains the traditional fighting type and the carlisle is a more stylised show-only type - its a lot stockier and squatter and the tail isnt as full :)


old english game bantam

Post by buster07 » 15 Jan 2008, 19:10

Hi is there any one that could help me. I live in south east london and have 2 oeg bantam hens that i hatched 4 months ago, so i am in need of an oeg bantam cockerel. Please email me if you live close by and have one for sale.


Post by bevsmith20 » 05 Mar 2008, 22:53

Hi i,m new to this site,does anyone in the derby/notts area have any oe min game blue pullets or hens for sale,


Old English Game

Post by vandreo » 15 Mar 2008, 16:36

I have just aquired (this morning) a oeg cockrel & hen, they look to me like they have not been looked after too well (combs dry & pale pink, ripped feathers, old scars & diahorrea) i got them at a poultry auction for £5 for the pair as i felt sorry for them. The hen in particular is very flighty and nervous but after we managed to catch she enjoyed the cuddle! They are both eating & drinking like they have never seen food before too.

Does anyone have any advice for me on how to get these gorgeous birds back in good condition??

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Post by CP » 15 Mar 2008, 19:38

I would worm them first, then treat with lice/mite powder just to be on the safe side. Keep separated from your other birds if you have any. :wink:

Feed normal layers pellets which contain all the nutrients etc. that they need.

Put ACV (apple cider vinegar) in their water at 2% for 1 week in 4. Use plastic containers not galvanised.

See how they are after a few days & see if they're improving or not.

Well done for rescuing them but be prepared for them to take a while to return to good condition.

Good luck. :wink:

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