New Hampshire Reds

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New Hampshire Reds

Post by Ex Moderator » 29 Sep 2005, 08:41

This thread is for New Hampshire Reds.

David T

Post by David T » 10 Oct 2005, 10:36

I have eight 4 week old chicks of the bantam type of this breed.

They are lively little souls and wanted to be outside almost two days after hatching (with mum of course!)

They are now well feathered up and developing a super colour.



i have one little lady

Post by spidey » 01 Nov 2005, 13:10

my New Hampshire is only around 20 weeks old at the moment i got her from The Gobbett Rare Breeds Farm, Shropshire way....she is small but lovely :D . not so tame as some of my other ladies, yet.

she sets off on her own quite a lot.

I've named her Hammy, not very original but it helps me remember what breed she is!


Post by Bendix01 » 02 Nov 2005, 16:14

I have 3 Banties (from George), not the most friendly but can be bribed quite readily. They are getting more friendly though as they get nearer to laying. Very shiny feathers and a great ginger colour. Nice and small too so can free range in our little garden.

Not the easiest to catch at first as they Hop and run like they are on hot coals.

We like 'em! :D

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Mr Cholmondley-Warner
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Post by Mr Cholmondley-Warner » 17 Nov 2005, 03:05

We got 8 hens and 2 super cockerels,was a bit dubious about buying these before but glad I did they are a very under rated chicken very friendly and gregarious and self imposed police force in our flock they step in to sort out any arguements- usually started by the Rhodeys-definately have more next year.
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Searching for New Hampshire Reds

Post by Caroline1 » 17 Apr 2006, 08:40


I've just returned from holiday to find that my hens have been had by the fox - much to the distress of the person who was looking after them. Does anyone know the name of the Sussex-based breeder who has New Hampshire Reds as the birds I had from him have been great and will be much missed by my children, and I like to replace them if poss


PS I think he has australorps as well

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Welsummer Cockerel
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Post by mojo » 17 Apr 2006, 10:27

check PP breeders lists..back of mag..for helpor put want advert in our mart.good luck
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Post by rossignol » 11 Aug 2008, 16:36

Does anyone know of a breeder of Hamps in North Wales or West Cheshire area. They are one of the breeds I am considering getting in the near future.


Post by Bradders » 14 Aug 2008, 14:54

Do they go broody a lot. :?
But i suppose they do because their a pure breed :x :evil:


Post by BLUELACED » 03 Nov 2008, 22:03

No Piccies? :(


Post by Pekinout » 03 Nov 2008, 23:17

They look almost identical to Rhode Island Reds.


Post by BLUELACED » 04 Nov 2008, 15:49

I have some myself but they are only young. I just enjoy looking at pictures of other peoples birds :D


Re: New Hampshire Reds

Post by laura771 » 25 Mar 2009, 12:02

We started off with 2 pullets (LF) and we liked them so much that when Bandit went broody (a New Hampshire Red)last year, we decided to put some eggs under her. Out of 8 eggs we got 6 pullets and 2 cockerals so we were chuffed with that!
They do make good mothers, but Bandit has yet to go broody this year.
They are very friendly and certainly don't like to be ignored! health wise we haven't had any problems touch wood and they seem to be a very sturdy and robust breed.
Here are some piccies
Smokey and Bandit

Bandit broody last year- the one on the left! (other is Hilda)

Basil (one of the cockerals that hatched)

Two of the pullets that hatched (didn't name them as we sold them)


You are never alone with these guys! the minute the door is opened you are surrounded lol, they are very inquisitive and are usually the first on the scene (Bandit always gets into trouble) hope you enjoy the pics! i've got loads more!


Re: New Hampshire Reds

Post by moors » 25 Mar 2009, 12:53

I have just adopted a cockerell and would like to get him some female company - we live in Kent does any one know of a breeder in the south of England - prepared to travel upto the midlands if needed

kind regards


Re: New Hampshire Reds

Post by M00R3Y » 19 Jul 2009, 22:02

I aquired two NHR bantams about a year ago, a dodgy deal over some bark chips, i now know i definitely got the better end of the deal!

What cheeky, inquisitive lil birds they are, always chattering to eachother, and both emerge mid morning from their nest with a chorus of clucking to announce they've laid us an egg!

Not the tamest of birds we own, but they both come scuttling across the orchard when its time for corn in the afternoon, and virtually flap up to your arms to get into the corn bowl!

Definitely not a bird to be dismissed, they lay a huge amount of large white bantam eggs, laying right into the coldest weather, and have a real farmyard chicken look about them.

Wouldnt be without my two girls!

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