Only one left

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Only one left

Postby tsmithpam » 04 Sep 2016, 20:56

We would like some advice following a visit from a fox over the weekend, leaving us with only one hen from three.
Should we get two more to ensure the one has company or will introducing new hens be an issue?
Welcome thoughts and comments from experience.
Thank you
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Re: Only one left

Postby organic chick » 05 Sep 2016, 16:17

MY advice before getting any more hens is to ensure the safety of any you may get in the future. Is your electric fencing working etc. Is their run secure. Is the fox still around? Can anyone get rid of it for you?
I would only ever introduce a minimum of 2. There will be shenanigans while the pecking order is sorted out but and ensure no one hen is guarding the water and feed. Let us know how you get on.
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