Getting hens to lay:

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Getting hens to lay:

Postby brooksidepoultry » 07 Mar 2016, 10:44

Ok granted we've had a little snow & frost & it's a bit early in the year but maybe it's just me but the majority of my breeding hens are being buggers at starting to lay. I accept their rare breeds but their on layers pellets & oyster shell, in nice clean pens, some are still free ranging, all have good access to daylight & the cocks - not all are treading, some of my layers are laying - we're getting about 4-5 eggs off them a day & my ducks I'm getting 1 maybe 2 every few days out of 8 ducks, my calls also aren't laying, but I think their still in a strop after being penned up & not being allowed on the river. The only things that are laying well are my 2 geese. Maybe it's just me but am I doing something wrong or is it them or wrong time of the year still, yet I'm there seeing loads of other people with hatching eggs galore - Just a bit confused so ideas would be appreciated. (Their also all around 1.5-3 years old so theres not many old birds atm.)
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