white sussex x silkie have I been duped?

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white sussex x silkie have I been duped?

Post by lifeflower » 18 Jan 2016, 08:52

At market last week a bought a pair - being a white sussex cock and a gold silkie hen, on the basis that they would produce the beautiful gold tops seen in the next cage. Now I have looked on the internet it seems that Gold tops are produced through crossing a white silkie cock with a white sussex hen.
Whoops - now I'm feeling a bit stupid.
Will my pair produce anything and why can i only find info on the other way of crossing. They are both very beautiful. Help please! Embarrassed

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Re: white sussex x silkie have I been duped?

Post by laffinfowl » 18 Jan 2016, 13:05

Unless the seller has discovered a new way of producing Gold Tops then yes you have been duped.
Its always been Gold silkie cock x white/light sussex hen as far as i know though in truth i,ve never bred them myself.
The Gold over Silver cross would give you gold to brown chicks = pullets and light yellow to white chicks = cockerels,meaning you could cull off males at a day old to leave you with all pullets to be used as broodies when older.

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