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Re: Chicken Bully

Postby subruss » 06 Feb 2016, 17:46

I have not been on very much lately and I find this thread a bit strange.If I am on line and I can answer or help anybody with a question I will, NO THANKS required. We all know how difficult it is to to get the context,feeling or emotion into an e-mail hence the reason we have EMOJI,s so my advice would be stick one on the end of your post then grumpy old sods will not feel unloved and feel the need to rant at us all, :thumbright: :lol:

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Re: Chicken Bully

Postby tamsenvn » 31 Jul 2016, 15:13

Various strategies have been suggested over the years like housing the birds separately but within sight to allow familiarisation or introducing incomers at night but the truth is, unpalatable as it may seem, is that introductions at this time of year are doomed to failure. Quite frankly I would kill the offending hen and learn from the experience. If you need new hens in future then get them during the Oct-Jan period.
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