French Birchen Marans

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French Birchen Marans

Post by mdenham » 08 Jun 2012, 14:49

Dear all,
Can anyone answer a question which has been puzzling me, relating to chicks hatched from pure French Birchen (Silver) Marans?
I hatched 12 eggs recently from a trio of my Marans.
The parents are all coloured birchen-silver, beautiful birds with no hint of yellow/mahogany in the feathers.
However, of the 12 chicks (several days old):
- 5 are BLACK in colour
- 7 are YELLOW in colour
I don't think they are sex-linked.
I wonder is it due to one of the parents having a recessive S allelle which when crossed with the opposite sex leads to the loss of the silver-black colour in the offspring.
Any responses would be greatly appreciated - the reason behind this intrigues me. I would also be interested if anyone knows what other colour I can expect in the adults apart from Birchen.
Many thanks,
Mark Denham, BELGIUM

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