Polystyrene box incubator remedy

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Polystyrene box incubator remedy

Post by Donny » 22 Aug 2009, 11:50

Hi all

Remember me telling you off the problems I was having with my incubator, mains failiure, grankids turning the plugs off and even when the power supply unit failed. I designed a gadget for my own use which monitored the mains and if it failed went to battery backup. This is designed for the polystyrene type incubator or any that work from 12v at less then 2 amps.

Well I built it and tested it for about a month, have 2 young ducklings atlast as well. It went for CE testing and got cleared for that. I had a few people show interest in buying the device, so, I built a full sellable product and it is now on ebay.

Item: 140340955627

I have also designed a manual egg turner for the same incubator. Think about it , you open this incubator over 80 times during an egg turning period, this losees all your temp and humidity. It was also connected during the above hatch. Let me know by a pm if you are interested in either.

If anyone on here would like one, I will offer a substantial discount.




Re: Polystyrene box incubator remedy

Post by Greggorio » 01 Sep 2009, 18:12

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Forced-Air-Incuba ... .m14.l1262

do you have one of these? I'm just wondering as i want to ask questions about how good it is, whether it does actually track humidity and temp and how you can raise humidity in it

I like your design though. Simple and effective. Here in France there are power cuts all the time the minute there is a so much as an upset looking cloud

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