Chicken sitting!

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Chicken sitting!

Postby Moriarty » 26 Feb 2015, 15:37

I've recently been away on a six week jaunt and took my seven chickens plus Roger the randy cockerel over to a friend to chickensit and keep with hers. All is well except that Ronnie Biggs - my elderly bad-tempered cross-eyed bandy-legged arthritic special needs hen - decided to pop her clogs and go to that big freerange chicken playground in the sky. But otherwise all OK. And then while I was away the freerange hen farm did its annual cull and my friend went up and rescued the few hens that were left and had hidden away. And I came back from holiday and my friend has gone on hers and delivered her hens, plus the new hens, plus my hens, plus Roger to me to chickensit. 20 chickens in all.

Now I only have a small pen so they freerange around the garden. My chooks remembered where they were and headed straight for the cat food. But the 'holiday' hens didn't know and so dispersed everywhere, into the front field, up the road, into the woodshed .... trying to keep them together was like herding kittens, impossible! Even Roger was running up and down crowing and trying to keep order. Now, a few days later, they know where they are and vaguely keep together as a loose group.

And the eggs! I find some in the coop, some in the second coop, some in the cat box, a couple in the barbecue, one in a woodbasket, a few at the base of bushes ... every day is a search for eggies and a new discovery of where they can lay them. I'm getting about 10 a day and handing them out to friends as hubby and I rarely eat eggies, so it's bonanza day for my cake-making friends.

And the time I'm spending in the rain-sodden garden ..... first thing in the morning to feed and let them out. An hour later to herd the stragglers back with the group. An hour later to shoo off one that has jumped on the bonnet of my car and looks like it's about to poo, then go round and collect eggs, herd some more stragglers back. Back indoors, then hubby sees them charging around the garden chasing a mouse that the cats found ... the cats just run away ... and off I am out to herd them back. Then pm, more egg hunting while it's light.

I have a fortnight of this. Whoever said that chicken keeping was relaxing??????
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Re: Chicken sitting!

Postby MrsMopp » 26 Feb 2015, 17:51

:lol: This sounds like a nightmare - hats off to you for agreeing to return the favour :grin: Although to be fair I read it as you took your 7 children and Roger the cockeral over to be looked after by your friend, so in that case she would be entitled to ask a lot in return :lol:

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Re: Chicken sitting!

Postby CP » 26 Feb 2015, 18:08

All that running around....just think how fit you'll be by the end of your friends holiday!! :lol: ;) :roll:
Happy in Hampshire!

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