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Re: Looking for inspiration

Post by drfish » 23 Jan 2015, 10:53

I'm not in any way a heavy smoker. About 7-10 a day tops. But that 7-10 is costing nigh on £4 nowadays. The missus smokes probably 15 a day, so again, we're getting on £6 quid worth of fags. Levels out at around a nice steady £10 a day. £300 a month, up to £4000, £3500 at the least. Sounds a lot when you weigh it up. It's money that could be way better spent. We're by no means struggling, money wise, but you can turn your nose up at figures like that.

I think we've decided rather than pay a fortune to get somewhere 'off-piste', so to speak, we're hitting Cyprus again. Like I said, it holds sentiment for us, and we do like it there. But we're going for it, some proper high end digs with the works thrown in. Splash out and enjoy a nice relaxing few weeks of luxury. Plus that way, if she wants to do the vowel renewing caper, then we can at least invite some friends and family along. Not many of our friends would stretch to anywhere far flung. Tight gits :lol:
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Re: Looking for inspiration

Post by mojo » 24 Jan 2015, 22:49

try a french caribean island or one of the old yugo states
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