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by mr locke
18 May 2015, 22:47
Forum: Chickens
Topic: Pea and Ham
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Pea and Ham

Finally remembered how to load pics, and can introduce our now 3 week old rescue's, Pea and Ham. No idea what breed/type they are, but they sure are friendly :grin: [url=][img]
by mr locke
11 May 2015, 13:15
Forum: Introductions and Welcomes
Topic: Hi from me and our rescues
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Hi from me and our rescues

Hi all, just found the forum, and thought I'd make introductions before I start snooping all the posts for all the advice and help I can get. Through a long standing tradition of rescuing animals who suddenly find themselves unwanted, we now find ourselves the happy owners of Pea and Ham, two 2 week...